Life After Multiple Strokes


On March 29, 2017, I had my third stroke…

And actually I am learning that this was actually probably my fourth stroke. There was one that happened so quickly and resolved so quickly I thought it simply an odd body quirk because it didn’t have the usual symptoms:

All of them are “unexplained” — the physical signs and symptoms are there but the internal ones are not present. No brain bleeds found. No blocked arteries found. No plaque in my veins. It wasn’t until stroke #3/4 that they found a small area of damage to my brain indicating stroke.

This blog is dedicated to my journey. It is a source of therapy for me and I hope it to be a source of information and encouragement for others who have suffered a stroke. It is a resource for the loved ones of those who have had a stroke. It is a place for us to come and heal, collectively.

I hope my journey will be inspiration and encouragement for others to keep up the fight to live a normal life after stroke, no matter whether they have “residual effects” or not. It took me until stroke #3/4 before there was any obvious physical residual effects. I continue to live daily with the fear of having another stroke; my fear however stands for: